Let's stop burning rainforests to make skincare

We can do better

   Sarnaya oil is clean innovation

for skincare

No Deforestation

No Oil Refineries

No Mega Carbon Emissions

Ultra Clean



Support Zero Deforestation Skincare? Let's Plant a Tree



Deforestation for plant & seed beauty oil is destroying your planet

Almost all skincare is made with palm oil.  You won't see "palm oil" in your product ingredients, but it is in there- hidden in over 200 different chemical names like stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, PEG X.  Palm oil has unique chemical properties that make skincare smooth & creamy. Tropical deforestation for palm oil to make our beauty products emits 14 million tons of carbon annually; the equivalent of 4 million around-the-world flights, EVERY YEAR! Sarnaya can stop all of this.  Sarnaya Oil is brewed naturally in sterile fermenters- just like beer. This oil is buttery, ultra clean and provides superior moisture for face & body, hair and nails.  Sarnaya Oil is not processed in oil refineries like other oils.  Sarnaya is an ultra-clean & sustainable alternative to palm oil made by burning rainforests to make our skincare and beauty products.  

No deforestation, no massive climate impact, no endangerment of wildlife and our children's world. 

Just ultra-clean beauty oil for face & body, hair and nails.


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