Palmitic & Stearic Acid

The Fatty Acids of Youthful Skin & Sarnaya Oil

Sarnaya oil is made from the natural fatty acids of youthful skin. 

Sarnaya is uniquely high in palmitic & stearic acid, the prominent fatty acids in youthful skin that decrease as we age. Research shows that palmitic acid and stearic acid decrease by 15% & 31%, respectively, between the ages of 26 and 72.  Sarnaya can't make your skin look 50 years younger, we believe in honest marketing claims backed by real science. What Sarnaya can do is rebuild your skin's natural moisture layer using the fatty acids of your youthful skin.    

Check out the graph of skin fatty acid changes with age below,

or read the full science publication here: Skin Aging Alters Fatty Acid Composition

Fatty Acid Changes in Human Skin with Aging

Kim Eun et al. Skin Aging and Photoaging Alter Fatty Acids Composition. Journal of Korean Medical Science. June (6): 980-983. 2010.