NASA captures space views of palm oil deforestation

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

This picture from NASA shows illegal fires burning all across Indonesia to make palm oil for our skincare and beauty products. This is really bad for Indonesia, and it is really bad for you and me. Palm oil only grows in tropical climates. Burning the tropical forests and peatlands releases massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and also destroys the critical carbon capture supplied by these peatlands to protect our climate from accelerated warming. These peatlands are full of carbon, and burning them can result in ongoing carbon emissions for up to 12 years! Deforestation is now responsible for 7% of all greenhouse gas emissions- more than the aviation industry, the UK, Japan, Australia and California.

We don't have have to rely on self-destructive natural resource extraction to make our skincare and beauty products anymore. Although your products dont list "palm oil" on the ingredients, the oil is hidden there in over 200 different chemical names (see this blog for more information on this). Sarnaya Oil is made from the same sustainable, eco-friendly process used to brew beer- sterile fermentation. The world is burning, but together we can help stop the fire.

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