Palm oil is in your skincare, but you won't see it listed on the ingredients

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

No one in the beauty industry wants to use palm oil. We all know it is bad. But up until now, companies have not had other options to formulate the smooth, creamy skincare that we all love. Palm oil naturally extends the shelf life of your skincare products, it is a chemical-free preservative. It is solid at room temperature, but melts on your skin. Because of these unique properties, almost all formulated skincare products use palm oil in under 200 different chemical names (just a few examples are listed in the picture below). Even companies that claim to be palm-free use these palm oil ingredients without knowing it. Just few of the common palm oil derived skincare ingredients include: cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, sorbitan olivate, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid.

Sarnaya Oil is the first palm oil biosimilar for skincare. Sarnaya Oil enables skincare & beauty brands to formulate truly palm-free products. Consumers can trust that products made with Sarnaya Oil are 100% consistent with their sustainable and environmental values. We make Sarnaya Oil with sustainable and natural fermentation, not unsustainable natural resource depletion. Ask your favorite brands to use Sarnaya Oil instead of palm oil. If you lead, the world will follow.

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