A Love Note to Our Children's World

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

42 jars of Sarnaya Oil replaces oil from one palm tree per month. If we can replace just that one palm tree, this saves the planet 1.24 TONS of carbon emissions from deforestation alone- or the carbon emissions of 2 cross country flights from LA to NYC. Our mission is to replace all palm oil in skincare & beauty products, a 14 million ton reduction in carbon emissions annually. That's the emission equivalent of 4 million around-the-world flights, EVERY YEAR! Sarnaya Oil is our love note to you & your skin. Sarnaya Oil is also your love note to your children's planet.

At Sarnaya, we see a different future for skincare & beauty. The future we are building is deforestation free and carbon neutral. In this future, we no longer use unsustainable natural resource extraction to make our beauty oils. We don't drill. We don't burn rainforests to grow for plant and seed oils. Instead, we brew oil using natural fermentation, just like beer. This is a beautiful future for skincare & beauty. Join us!

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