The palm oil story through the eyes of a child

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

This advertisement to boycott palm oil got 13 millions views in 4 days. Then it was banned.

This ad is powerful and motivates us to boycott palm oil. For a variety of economic and political reasons, boycotting all palm oil right now is really hard. However, we now have the first real alternative to replace all palm oil used in the skincare & beauty industry- Sarnaya Oil. Do you want to decrease tropical deforestation to make palm oil but don't know where to start? Start by using Sarnaya Oil for your face, body, hair & nails.

Sarnaya is different, it does not require deforestation to make. Sarnaya Oil is brewed sustainably & naturally in compact sterile fermenters, just like beer. We don't have to hide the bad news about palm oil anymore because now there is a great alternative. Buy Sarnaya Oil instead. Support brands that switch to Sarnaya. These brands are leading on your values and protecting your children's world.

#beautysavestheworld #zerodeforestation

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